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Hello, I am Eshan Das, a student of Computer Science and Engineering.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, I specialize in backend and cloud development. With significant experience in AWS, I excel in deploying APIs and working with databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB. I also explore machine learning in my spare time and have built backends for various projects, predominantly using the MERN stack for web applications.

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I am deeply involved in the fascinating world of cloud computing, with AWS as my primary platform of choice. I find joy in working with EC2, using to deploy APIs and managing databases like DynamoDB and MongoDB. Whether it's Node.js or Python, I specialize in creating efficient backend solutions for web applications.

Apart from coding, I enjoy sharpening my problem-solving skills on platforms like LeetCode. Currently, I am exploring the realms of web3 along with ML.

Below there is my List of projects:-

My Skills

AWS. MERN. Web Design. Machine Learning.

Backend Development 80%
Amazon Web Services 70%
Node.js & Vanila Js 70%
Competitive Coding 50%

FootPrint Friend

Personal Carbon Footprint calculator and Data Visualizer.

Safar Sathi

Your Personal AI-Travel Planner

Kanban Webapp

A KanBan Based Task Management WebApp

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My Education

In cursus orci non ipsum gravida dignissim

Japanese Language Course 2023 Nov - 2024 July

Learning Japanese and preparing for JLPT exam '24.

Bachelor of Technology 2022 OCt - 2026 Oct

Pursuing my B.Tech. from Netaji Subhash Engineering College in Computer Science & Engineering

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